Progressive eyeglass lenses, also known as 'no-line bifocals' or 'no-line trifocals' are multifocal lenses that allow for comfortable viewing at distance, reading, and everything in-between.  The top of the lens is for distance viewing, and the power increases down the lens for viewing intermediate (computer) and reading.  Progressive eyeglass lens fields of view


Recently, the Digital (High-Definition), also known as 'free-form,' progressive lens technology has taken progressive lenses to a new level.  While traditional progressives are produced using 'pre-molded' designs, where the same design is used for every application, the new, Digital (HD) progressives are fully customized!  In essence, your specific applications (Rx, frame type, lens material, use, etc) are taken into account to produce a lens with wider fields of view and smoother vision.  Does that mean the traditional lenses are low-quality?  No, but for those who want the widest fields of view with a budget to suit, the new Digital (HD) technology is an improvement.  Take a look at our field of view comparison below!

Digital Progressive Eyeglass Lenses


There are over 50 major Progressive Lens Manufacturers, and each has many progressive lens designs.  The offerings can be cumbersome, and while there are many progressives that work very well, there are others that do not.  At ReplaceALens, we have narrowed the progressive lens selection to designs that excel in terms of function, durability, and affordability.  Through 20 years of customer, laboratory, optician, and optometrist feedback and endless testing, ReplaceALens' progressive lens offerings are sure to exceed your expectations.  Finding a design that is suitable for you is the most important aspect in selecting a progressive, and our ABO Certified Opticians are here to help whenever you need assistance.

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