Coatings and Tints

Eyeglass lens coatings and tints
There are 3 types of coatings traditionally applied to eyeglass lenses: Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare, & Mirrored Lens Coatings. From eliminating reflections & glare to extending the life of your lenses, these coatings help to provide the best lenses for every individual application. We also offer lens tints in numerous colors and densities. Add to your lenses after selecting your lens product.


The anti-scratch coating is a protective coating applied to the front and back lens surfaces to protect against scratching. Our anti-scratch coatings are all premium and increase a lens' resistance to scratching, but there is no such thing as a scratch-proof lens. The best way to prevent scratching is to make sure that nothing hard (i.e. keys, pavement, etc) comes into contact with the lens surfaces.


Anti-glare (a.k.a. 'anti-reflective') coatings reduce reflections and glare, drastically improving both your vision and your look. Since our anti-glare coatings eliminate 99.5% of reflections, more light passes through the lens into your eye, giving you a clearer picture of the world. Our coatings are produced with clarity and durability in mind using the latest vacuum coating technology. We offer the following three coating options:

All Around Use Coatings Anti Glare Coatings eliminate 99% of reflections
Standard Anti-Glare
The standard, 7 layer anti-glare coating eliminates 99.5% of reflections, giving a clearer picture, and a cosmetically superior look.
Premium Anti-Glare
The premium anti-glare adds an additional protective super slick, hydrophobic, oleophobic top layer, making the lens easier to clean and less likely to scratch.
Crizal Avance®
This premium anti-glare is great quality and available only on Varilux Products.
'Blue Blocking' Anti-Glare (to reduce digital eye strain - Available on Computer Lenses)
Blue Blocking Anti-Glare $109/pr Protects your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light (HEV) emitted from digital devices. Blue color hue, not recommended for all around use.
Crizal Prevencia ® $139/pr Protects your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light (HEV) emitted from digital devices. Blue color hue, not recommended for all around use.
Back Side Anti-Glare (for sunglass lenses) Back-Side Anti-Glare for sunglasses
SUNGLASS (Back-Side)
The sunglass anti-glare coating is our premium coating applied to the back side of dark sunglass lenses & mirror coated lenses in order to eliminate light reflecting off the back side of the lens and into the eye. Add this coating to any sunglass lens product after product selection.


MIRROR Coatings $35
w/Back-Side AR $40
($75 Total)
Mirror coatings darken the lens and add a 'mirror-like' finish to the front lens surface. We offer full and flash (1/3 density) mirror coatings in Silver, Blue, Black, and Gold colors. All Mirror coatings include a Sunglass (back-side) Anti-Glare coating to prevent back side reflections. Enhance your look with a mirror! Mirror coatings increase the lens darkness and add a cosmetic flare



Tinted eyeglass lenses are dipped in dye to make the lens darker. At ReplaceALens, we offer five different tint colors, five darknesses, and two tint types. *GRADIENTS ONLY IN STANDARD PLASTIC CR39

*Some tint colors &/or densities are not available on certain lens selections

Eyeglass lens tint options


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