Return Policy & Warranty

At ReplaceALens, we do everything we can to make sure our customers receive high-quality products that last. We guarantee that the lenses are made accurately to the provided prescripiton according to ANSI Standards, with consideration for fit, function, and cosmetics.

Our products are warranteed against manufacturer defects for one year.

For all lens returns (other than material defects), ReplaceALens must be notified of any issue within 30 days of receiving your glasses. Lenses with material defects, such as irregular chipping, cracking, or peeling can be returned for a full refund within one year of purchase. If you cannot see clearly, return options are available depending on your situation:
1. If the prescription was incorrectly provided by your doctor, we will remake your lenses at a 50% discount.
2. If we made the lenses incorrectly based on a correctly given prescription, we will correct our mistake at no additional cost to you.
3. All other situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If your lenses are scratched - All of our lenses include a scratch-resistant hard coating, which is the most protection available for plastic lenses. Scratches occur when an abrasive material touches and/or brushes against the lens surface. Lens life is proportional to how well you take care of your lenses. Lenses cannot be returned because of scratches.