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Eyeglass Accessories

At ReplaceALens, we offer eyeglass cases, cleaning cloths, cleaning solutions, cleaning kits, temple ropes, & more. Our accessories are top-quality and have been tested and used for years in our laboratory and by our customers nation-wide.

We are currently offering accessories in store only, but check back soon for online purchasing!

Eyeglass Cases

Cases for eyeglasses and sunwear and frames

ReplaceALens offers a wide variety of cases in different styles, sizes, and colors.

These include brand name cases that come with new frame purchases, as well as ReplaceALens brand cases, animal-inspired cases, & more!

Lens Cleaning Products

How to clean your lenses?

Add moisture to the lenses either via warm water our ReplaceALens eyeglass lens cleaner. Take a 100% cotton cloth, or our ReplaceALens microfiber lens cloth, and wipe along the lens surface with gentle pressure. Repeat until lens is clean. If it is taking more than a few wipes, see our TIP!

TIP: Wash the frames every morning and evening as the oils that build up on the frames will spread to the lens during lens cleaning.

Products we offer
Cleaning ProductDescriptionImage
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
The ReplaceALens microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for cleaning any lens. They are made of the highest quality microfiber available, giving the best clean and the most durable cloth. They can be washed and reused up to 50 times (Do not use fabric softener)!Eyeglass Lens Cleaning Cloth
Eyeglass Lens Cleaner
Specifically formulated for eyeglass lenses, the ReplaceALens lens cleaner is safe for all eyeglass lens types, and is the best cleaning liquid for durability and cleanliness. Available in 1 oz & 8 oz sizes, we offer free refills when you visit our store!Eyeglass Lens Cleaner
Lens Cleaning Kit
Our Eyeglass Lens Cleaning Kits contain everything you need to keep your lenses clean while on the go. They come with three RAL microfiber cleaning cloths, a 1oz RAL lens cleaner, & an 8oz RAL lens cleaner!Eyeglass Lens Cleaning Kit
Dawn Dish Soap & Warm Water
At home, we recommend cleaning your frames and lenses with lukewarm water and dawn dish soap. Wipe the entire frame, nosepads and all, with the soap and rinse. This will provide cleaner and more durable lenses!Rinse glasses with water & clean with Dawn Dish Soap


ReplaceALens also offers the following miscellaneous items:

  • Temple Ropes
  • Screwdriver Kits
  • & More!

Order Online

Coming Soon - online accessories ordering.