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Medicaid Benefits for Vision

What does Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid has vision benefits for all ages, but the benefits vary for those over 21 and under 21 years of age, as shown below.

Under 21 includes:
  • Free Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses
  • Free Anti-Glare Coating
  • Free Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Free Full UV Protection
  • Only $50 extra for a Contact Lens Exam
  • Only $30 extra for Transitions Darkening Lenses

Medicaid vision has excellent coverage in Colorado for those under 21, where an eye exam and 1-2 pairs of glasses eyewear are included.

Over 21 includes:
  • Free Eye Exam for Glasses
  • Only $50 extra for a Contact Lens Exam

Medicaid has free eye exams in Colorado for adults over the age of 21, but does not cover eyeglasses.

Am I eligible for benefits?

Current Medicaid enrollees are eligible for Vision Benefits. To find out if you are enrolled in Medicaid, you can contact us at (303) 752-1234 with your Medicaid ID or SSN and Birth Date and we can determine current eligibility.

How do I start?

If you are in the Medicaid program, simply contact us at (303) 752-1234 today to schedule an eye exam!

Medicaid Vision Benefits

Free Eye Exams
Free Glasses (under 21yrs old)
Call now: (303) 752-1234