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Eyeglass Lenses in Denver


ReplaceALens offers premium eyeglass lenses & lens replacement in our Denver location, sourced from name-brand manufacturers, for less! From $39/pair, our opticians assist with selecting the best eyeglass lenses for your budget and needs. We perform eyeglass lens replacement nationally, so our prices are set to compete with the competitive online market, but we offer the same prices in our Denver store.

Our Eyeglass Lenses:

We offer virtually all products on the market that meet our quality, performance, & techological standards, including most Lens Types, Lens Materials, Specialty Lenses, & Coatings.

Our Lens Quality:

We are also independently owned and operated in Denver, CO. We test virtually all eyeglass lenses on the market from all reputable brands, and sell only the best performing lenses in each lens category, for the lowest price possible. We abide strictly by ANSI2010 optical standards, which guarantee that your new lenses follow the prescription and fitting components perfectly before you ever receive them. We guarantee all our products against manufacturer defects for one year.

Our Prices:

Below are some sample starting prices for our products, but click on the link below to navigate to our national site, where you can see exact product-by-product pricing.

  • Single vision lenses from $39/pr
  • Progressive lenses from $59/pr
  • HD digital progressives from $139/pr
  • Transitons add-on starting from $60/pr
  • High-Index lenses from $99/pr
  • Anti-Glare coatings from $39/pr

Lens Materials

What Lens Material do you need?

The lens material dictates multiple attributes of the lens, including thickness, weight, impact resistance, scratch resistance, & optical clarity. The most important factor for selecting a lens material is thickness and weight. The lens' thickness & weight are affected by your Rx strength, frame type, frame size, & pupil location. Some frame types and safety applications will also require specific lens materials. Use the table below to review the lens material options:

Lens Material Description Image
The Plastic CR-39 (1.50 index) lens material is a great choice for lower prescriptions and full-rimmed frame applications. Plastic lenses have excellent optical clarity and are available in virtually all lens types. The Plastic CR-39 material cannot be used with rimless style frames. Plastic Eyeglass Lens Material
The Polycarbonate (1.59 index) lens material is a great choice for mid-range prescriptions. Polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter than standard plastic, have increased impact resistance and 100% UV protection. The high impact resistance makes polycarbonate the perfect choice for kids and sports enthusiasts. Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lens Material
The Trivex (1.53 index) lens material is a great choice for lower and mid-range prescriptions, with enhanced durability in rimless style frames. Trivex lenses are thinner and lighter than standard plastic, with excellent optical clarity and 100% UV protection. Trivex Eyeglass Lens Material
High Index 1.67
The High Index (1.67 index) lens material is a great choice for high-power prescriptions. High Index 1.67 lenses are thinner and lighter than every material except High Index 1.74. They have 100% UV protection and work well with all frame styles. High Index 1.67 Eyeglass Lens Material
High Index 1.74
The High Index (1.74 index) lens material is the thinnest and lightest available. They have 100% UV protection and work well with full-rimmed frame styles. *Not recommended for rimless applications. High Index 1.74 Eyeglass Lens Material

Starting prices by lens type:

  • Plastic lenses from $39/pr
  • Polycarbonate lenses from $49/pr
  • Trivex lenses from $69/pr
  • High Index 1.67 lenses from $99/pr
  • High Index 1.74 lenses from $169/pr

Lens Types

What type of lens do you need?

ReplaceALens offers lens types to suit virtually any need. From basic single vision to the most advanced progressive Lens technologies, we are here to assist with producing and recommending the best quality product for your purposes. View our lens types below:

Lens Type Description Image
Single Vision
Single vision lenses correct for one focal length, usually for distance, intermediate, or reading. Our single vision lenses are sourced from premium, name-brand manufacturers and are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Single Vision Eyeglass Lenses
Progressive (no-line)
Progressive (no-line) lenses correct for distance, intermediate, and reading. Also referred to as 'no-line bifocal' and 'no-line trifocals,' progressive lenses look like single vision lenses, with a corridor of increasing power as you travel down the lens. We offer both traditional and digital (high-definition) progressive lenses. Progressive Eyeglass Lenses
Lined Bifocals
Lined bifocal lenses correct for two focal lengths, one on top, usually for distance, and a D-shaped bottom segment for reading. Choose from standard 28mm or wider 35mm segments. Lined Bifocal Eyeglass Lenses
Lined Trifocals
Lined trifocal lenses correct for three focal lengths, one on top, usually for distance, and a D-shaped bottom segment that contains both intermediate and reading. Choose from standard 28mm or wider 35mm segments. Lined Trifocal Eyeglass Lenses
Created with the professional and hobbyist in mind, our computer lens options will suit every type of user. Single vision computer lenses are optimized only for looking at the computer, while lined bifocals and our no-line computer lenses allow for computer viewing at the top of the lens and reading at the bottom. Fit with precision and care, our computer-dedicated lenses are the best option for comfortable computer use. NOW AVAILABLE: Blue light blocking anti-glare coatings that eliminate harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. Add to your computer lenses after product selection. Computer Eyeglass Lenses
ReplaceALens also offers options for other occupational situations including: pilots, hair stylists, contractors, accountants, boardroom meetings, teachers, truck drivers, sport shooting, & more! Occupational Eyeglass Lenses
ReplaceALens offers certified Z87-2010 safety frames & lenses. Pricing is custom and comptetitive and you can trust that the glasses and lenses will have top quality optics and protection. Safety Eyeglass Lenses

Starting prices by lens type:

  • Single Vision from $39/pr
  • Progressive Lenses from $59/pr
  • HD Digital Progressives from $139/pr
  • Lined Bifocals from $49/pr
  • Lined Trifocals from $79/pr
  • Computer Lenses from $39/pr
  • Safety Lenses from $99/pr

Specialty Lenses

Specialty Lens Options

Specialty lenses allow for different types of sunglass lens functionality, from full-time, dark sunglass lenses, to Transitions that darken when exposed to the sun's UV rays. View our specialty lens types below:

Specialty Lens Type Description Image
Tinted eyeglass lenses are dipped in dye to make the lens darker, reducing the amount of light passing through the lens into your eye. At ReplaceALens, we offer Gray, Brown, Gray/Green(G15), Blue, Rose, & Yellow tint colors, in Light, Medium, Dark, & Very Dark. We also offer Gradient tints, where the top of the lens is dark and gradually decreases to light at the lens bottom. Tints can be added to almost every lens, with limited exceptions. Tinted Sunglass Lens
Polarized lenses are tinted lenses that filter out unwanted glare. They always have a standard darkness, 80% tint, 100% UV protection, and are perfect for driving, sports, or other outdoor uses. Add a sunglass anti-glare for the ultimate protection. Polarized lenses are available in almost all lens type & material configurations. Polarized Eyeglass Lenses
Transitions Photochromic Lenses
At ReplaceALens, we use only the name-brand 'Transitions' lenses. Transitions lenses are clear or slightly tinted indoors and darken to a 75-80% darkness outside. They do not change in the car, and do take about 5 minutes to go back from the fully activated state. The Transitions Vantage offers molecularly-polarized lenses. Available in gray, brown, & gray/green (with restrictions based on the application).Transitions eyeglass lenses photochromic Transitions Website
Transitions Signature VII
The Transitions Signature VII lenses are clear indoors and darken to a 75% darkness outside. They do not change in the car, and do take about 5 minutes to go back to clear from the fully activated state. Available in gray, brown, & gray/green (in limited applications). Transitions Signature VII lenses are available in almost all lens type & material configurations. Transitions Signature VII Lenses
Transitions XTRActive
Transitions XTRActive lenses are different from Transitions VII in that they always have a 10% tint indoors and they darken to an 80% darkness outside. They have a slight change in the car as well, but they are not recommended as a substitute for a dark driving sunglass. Available in gray & brown in most applications. Transitions XTRActive Lenses
Transitions Vantage
Transitions Vantage utilizes a new, molecular polarization technology that provides a polarized lens when in it's darkened state. The Vantage functions almost identically to the Transitions Signature VII, but add the polarization. This polarization is not a substitute for a traditional polarized lens, but does provide extra protection against horizontal glare and reflections. Available in limited configurations. Transitions Vantage Lenses
Drivewear lenses combine the Transitions and polarized technologies. They are tinted lenses that change from a orange-yellow to a darker auburn depending on the UV & incandescent light levels. They have 100% UV protection and are perfect for driving, sports, or other outdoor uses. Add a sunglass anti-glare for the ultimate protection. Drivewear Eyeglass Lens

Starting prices by lens type:

  • Tinted sunglass lenses from $49/pr
  • Polarized sunglass lenses from $89/pr
  • Transitions Signature VII from $89/pr
  • Transitions XTRActive from $119/pr
  • Transitions Vantage from $149/pr
  • Drivewear lenses from $159/pr

Lens Coatings

What type of lens coating do you need?

There are 3 types of coatings traditionally applied to eyeglass lenses: anti-Scratch, anti-glare, & mirrored lens coatings. From eliminating reflections & glare to extending the life of your lenses, these coatings help to provide the best lenses for every individual application. We also offer lens tints in numerous colors and densities. View our lens coatings below:

Coating Type Description Image
The anti-scratch coating is a protective coating applied to the front and back lens surfaces to protect against scratching. Our anti-scratch coatings are all premium and increase a lens' resistance to scratching, but there is no such thing as a scratch-proof lens. The best way to prevent scratching is to make sure that nothing hard (i.e. keys, pavement, etc) comes into contact with the lens surfaces. Anti-Scratch Coating
Anti-Glare - Overview
Anti-glare (a.k.a. 'anti-reflective') coatings reduce reflections and glare, drastically improving both your vision and your look. Since our anti-glare coatings eliminate 99.5% of reflections, more light passes through the lens into your eye, giving you a clearer picture of the world. Our coatings are produced with clarity and durability in mind using the latest vacuum coating technology. See specific anti-glare classifications below. Anti Glare AR Lens Coatings
Anti-Glare - Standard & Premium
The standard, 7 layer anti-glare coating eliminates 99.5% of reflections, giving a clearer picture, and a cosmetically superior look. The premium anti-glare adds an additional protective super slick, hydrophobic, oleophobic top layer, making the lens easier to clean and less likely to scratch. Standard versus premium Anti Glare Anti Reflective Coatings
Anti-Glare - Computer/Blue-Blocking
Coatings are now available specifically to work with digital device use. Blue blocking anti-glare coatings protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light (HEV) emitted from digital devices. Blue color hue, not recommended for all around use. Available on select products Blue Blocking Computer Anti-Glare Coating
Anti-Glare - Sunglass
The sunglass anti-glare coating is our premium coating applied to the back side of dark sunglass lenses & mirror coated lenses in order to eliminate light reflecting off the back side of the lens and into the eye. Add this coating to any sunglass lens product. Sunglass Back Side Anti-Glare Coating
Anti-Glare - Crizal
Crizal is the brand of anti-glare coatings produced by the largest optical company, Essilor. They offer a wide variety of coatings, the most popular of which is the Crizal Avance. The Crizal premium anti-glare coatings are great quality and available only on single vision or Varilux Products. Click for Crizal Website Crizal Anti Glare Lens Coatings
Mirror Coating
Mirror coatings darken the lens and add a 'mirror-like' finish to the front lens surface. We offer mirror coatings in silver, blue, black, rose, green, red, violet, and gold colors. They include a Sunglass (back-side) Anti-Glare coating to prevent back side reflections. Enhance your look with a mirror! Mirror Coated Eyeglass Lenses

Starting coating prices:

  • Anti-Scratch coating - FREE
  • Standard anti-glare from $39/pr
  • Premium anti-glare from $59/pr
  • Sunglass anti-glare from $45/pr
  • Computer anti-glare from $69/pr
  • Crizal anti-glare from $109/pr
  • Mirror coatings with sun anti-glare from $75/pr

Use your own frame

Eyeglass Lens Replacement

Can you fit new lenses to MY frames?

In 2006, ReplaceALens was the first online optical store to offer eyeglass lenses custom fit to virtually any frame! We continue our specialty today, where any customer can bring us their new or used eyeglass frames and we carefully and accurately insert new lenses into the frame. Over 500,000 pairs strong, and we are still the leader in eyeglass lens replacement. See below for some guides on frame limitations.

Yes We Can No We Can't Call for approval (303) 752-1234
  • Full-Rimmed w/Clean Bevel
  • Semi-Rimless w/Lens
  • Metal Groove (IC Berlin/Mykita) - Lens Material Restrictions
  • Safety Frames (Z87 Stamped anywhere on frames) - Special Pricing
  • Drilled Rimless (Select Styles: Silhouette(type), Lindberg, Oakley, Airlock, Cartier.
  • Oakley sunglasses
  • Select rimless(Tag Hauer, SwissFlex, Eyephonics)
  • Wood frames
  • Buffalo horn frames
  • Frames with super-glued lenses
  • Metal frames with no screws (in most cases)
  • Obsure shapes (stars, diamonds, etc.)
  • Rimless with notches
  • Frames with no lens release
  • High wrap frames (curve around your face)
  • Obscure constructions

Lens Brands we Offer

About Lens Brands

As an independent optical store & lab, ReplaceALens is able to select the best lenses from any lens supplier worldwide. We test and offer only the best performing lenses for each category, combination, & application. Generally, we don't include branding in our marketing because there is no 'best' brand of lenses. All reputable manufacturers have strong lens products, so we have already selected the best quality and value for every application we offer. However, if you are currently happy with your specific lens brand & model, or are looking for a specific lens design, we are here to help! View our lens brands below:

Lens Brand Brand Logo More Info - Click Logo
Seiko offers single vision & the latest digital freeform progressive lens technologies. We offer single vision high index Seiko lenses along with most of their HD digital progressive lenses in all lens materials. Seiko Eyeglass Lenses
Essilor is the largest optical company worldwide, and has good technology and product quality. We utilize essilor products for single vision semi-finished lenses, as well as many of the progressive lines they own, such as Varilux, Shamir, & Nikon. Essilor Eyeglass Lens Logo
Hoya lenses have been a staple in the industry for decades. They have strong products in virtually all applications, but we use Hoya mainly for traditional progressives and single vision lens products. Hoya Eyeglass Lenses
Varilux is the most well-known name in progressive lenses. There is a wide assortment of Varilux lens styles available. At ReplaceALens, we focus on Varilux's traditional styles for our customers. The Comfort is an excellent entry-level design with an optimized distance zone. The Physio is one of the best Traditional progressives on the market. We now also offer the Varilux Physio Enhanced as an upgrade. Varilux Eyeglass Lenses
Shamir Progressives utilize Digital (HD) technology to provide excellent peripheral vision, low distortion levels, and smooth channels. At ReplaceALens, we offer the revolutionary Shamir Autograph 2 & 3, fit to your frame with care and precision. The Autograph 2 is our recommendation for all wearers except those who are farsighted (plus prescription). We also offer the Shamir Office Series occupational lenses. Shamir Eyeglass Lens
ReplaceALens uses Younger Optics for a large selection of single vision, lined bifocal, & polarized lenses. From their website: "For more than 60 years, Younger Optics has established itself as a leader in the optical industry by developing new and innovative lens solutions. From polarized sun lenses that block blinding glare to lenses designed specifically for the driving task -Younger provides a wide array of lens options, materials and treatments to meet virtually every eyewear need: quality products that help people to see better." Younger Eyeglass Lens