Referral Lens Program

With the ReplaceALens Referral Program, you can...

Help friends and family save on eyeglass lenses.
Earn commissions by becoming a ReplaceALens referring affiliate.

How it Works

Add Referral Affiliate Links & Banner Ads to save!(Click to sign up as an affiliate now!)

Become an Affiliate

Sign up to become a ReplaceALens Referral Affiliate and earn commissions or account credits (your choice) for every order you refer. When you sign up, you have access to your personal ReplaceALens' link as well as banner ads. You can then place these links/ads on your website, blog, Facebook Page, emails, etc. When someone clicks on the link, they are tracked by our software. When they make a purchase, you receive a 5% commission based on their order total or a flat 10% account credit! Click here to sign up now!