ReplaceALens custom crafts new lenses to YOUR favorite eyeglass or sunglass frames, starting at only $49/pair.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Premium lenses at wholesale prices, up to 70% OFF retail!

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Select your new eyeglass lenses using our Step-by-Step Lens Selector:

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Already know what you're looking for? Click on the links to the left to browse by , , and more. At the end of your lens selection, add options and complete your order online. Our ABO Certified Opticians are here to help throughout the process. Use a new, valid prescription or we can copy the prescription that is currently in the lenses.

2. Ship Frames to ReplaceALens
Print the order confirmation & mail with your frames to ReplaceALens. If you don't have a printer, simply write down your order confirmation code and include it in your shipment. Also, be sure to protect your frames with sufficient packaging. Click here for shipping options.

3. Receive New Lenses in the Mail!
We replace your lenses with precision and care, and ship them back for FREE Priority USPS! Average processing time after we receive frames is 5-10 business days. Replacealens shipping options Place your order using our eyeglass lens selector!

General Eyeglass Lens Information

ReplaceALens offers premium eyeglass lenses sourced from name-brand manufacturers, for less! From $39/pair, our opticians assist with selecting the best lenses for your budget and needs.

Our Lenses:

We offer virtually all products on the market that meet our quality, performance, & techological standards, including most , , , and .

Our Quality:

We are also independently owned and operated, so we test virtually all lenses on the market from all reputable brands and sell only the best performing lenses in each lens category. We abide strictly by ANSI2010 optical standards, which guarantee that your new lenses follow the prescription and fitting components perfectly before you ever receive them. We guarantee all our products against manufacturer defects for one year.

Included with EVERY ORDER!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
FREE Return Shipping
FREE Anti-Scratch Coating
FREE Lens Cleaning Cloth
Frame Care Guarantee
Click here for our Guarantee & More Features

Lens Coatings

What type of lens coating do you need?

There are 3 types of coatings traditionally applied to eyeglass lenses: anti-scratch, anti-glare, & mirrored lens coatings. From eliminating reflections & glare to extending the life of your lenses, these coatings help to provide the best lenses for every individual application. We also offer lens tints in numerous colors and densities. Also, click for Transitions Photochromic and Polarized lens options.
*Select most coating and color options AFTER PRODUCT SELECTION


Anti-Scratch Coating

The anti-scratch coating is a protective coating applied to the front and back lens surfaces to protect against scratching. Our anti-scratch coatings are all premium and increase a lens' resistance to scratching, but there is no such thing as a scratch-proof lens. The best way to prevent scratching is to make sure that nothing hard (i.e. keys, pavement, etc) comes into contact with the lens surfaces.

Anti-Glare Overview

Anti Glare AR Lens Coatings

Anti-glare (a.k.a. 'anti-reflective') coatings reduce reflections and glare, drastically improving both your vision and your look. Since our anti-glare coatings eliminate 99.5% of reflections, more light passes through the lens into your eye, giving you a clearer picture of the world. Our coatings are produced with clarity and durability in mind using the latest vacuum coating technology. See specific anti-glare classifications below.

Anti-Glare (Premium)

Premium Anti Glare Anti Reflective Coatings

The anti-glare coating eliminates 99.5% of reflections, giving a clearer picture, and a cosmetically superior look. The premium anti-glare from ReplaceALens adds an additional protective super slick, hydrophobic, oleophobic top layer, making the lens easier to clean and less likely to scratch.

Anti-Glare (Computer and Blue-Blocking)

Blue Blocking Computer Anti-Glare Coating

Coatings are now available specifically to work with digital device use. Blue blocking anti-glare coatings protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light (HEV) emitted from digital devices. Blue color hue, not recommended for all around use. Available on select products

Anti-Glare (Sunglass)

Sunglass Back Side Anti-Glare Coating

The sunglass anti-glare coating is our premium coating applied to the back side of dark sunglass lenses & mirror coated lenses in order to eliminate light reflecting off the back side of the lens and into the eye. Add this coating to any sunglass lens product.

Crizal Anti-Glare

Crizal Anti Glare Lens Coatings

Crizal is the brand of anti-glare coatings produced by the largest optical company, Essilor. They offer a wide variety of coatings, the most popular of which is the Crizal Avance. The Crizal premium anti-glare coatings are great quality and available only on Varilux Products. Click for Crizal Website

Mirror Coatings

Mirror Coated Eyeglass Lenses

Mirror coatings darken the lens and add a 'mirror-like' finish to the front lens surface. We offer mirror coatings in silver, blue, black, green, rose, red, violet, yellow, and gold colors. They include a Sunglass (back-side) Anti-Glare coating to prevent back side reflections. Enhance your look with a mirror!

Tinted Sunglass

Tinted Sunglass Lenses

Tinted eyeglass lenses are dipped in dye to make the lens darker. They include UV protection in all materials EXCEPT standard plastic CR39, which has 85% UV Protection. Select from a variety of colors and tint styles.

Starting coating prices:

  • Anti-Scratch coating - FREE
  • Premium anti-glare from $59/pr
  • Sunglass anti-glare from $45/pr
  • Computer anti-glare from $69/pr
  • Crizal anti-glare from $109/pr
  • Mirror coatings with sun anti-glare from $75/pr

Frame Restrictions

Can you fit new lenses to MY frames?

In 2006, ReplaceALens was the first online optical store to offer eyeglass lenses custom fit to virtually any frame! We continue our specialty today, where any customer can bring us their new or used eyeglass frames and we carefully and accurately insert new lenses into the frame. Over 300,000 pairs strong, and we are still the leader in eyeglass lens replacement. See below for some guides on frame limitations.

Yes, we can make lenses :

  • Full-Rimmed Frames
    Frames with a rim encircling the entire lens
    Full-Rimmed Eyeglass Frames no fee
  • Semi-Rimless Frames with Lenses
    Frames with a rim around PART of the lens,
    with a groove in the lens and cord holding the lens into the frames

    Semi-Rimless Eyeglass Frames no fee
  • Drilled Rimless - Silhouette Style
    Frames with no rim, drill holes through
    the lens, 2 prong plastic bushing holding lens to frame

    Silhouette Rimless Eyeglass Frames $45 labor fee

Yes, we can make lenses, BUT Restrictions apply :

  • Rimless - Drilled (Select Styles)
    *Restrictions - TRIVEX lens material required
    - Frames with no rim, drill holes through the lens:
    Nut and Bolt Rimless, Lindberg, Oakley, Airlock, Cartier, Notched Rimless)

    Drilled Rimless Eyeglass Frames $45 labor fee
  • Metal-Groove (IC Berlin/Mykita)
    *Restrictions - TRIVEX lens material required
    - Frames with full rim, but with a groove in the lens instead of a bevel

    Metal Groove Eyeglass Frames $20 labor fee
  • High curve 'Wrap' frames
    *Prescription Restrictions - Some are not Rx-Able,
    Rx limited to +/- 4 diopters total power - Frames with a higher curve that wrap around the face

    High Wrap Curved Eyeglass Frames $40 labor fee
  • Safety Frames - Call for pricing
    Frames with a higher curve that wrap around the face
    High Wrap Curved Eyeglass Frames *Call for pricing

NO, we cannot make new lenses:

  • Oakley Sunglasses
    We do not make lenses for 95% of Oakley Sunglasses
  • Broken or damaged frames
    Frames that have damage including cracks, heavy oxidization, or other defects
  • Metal frames with no screw to release the lens
    Frames without a metal screw for lens' release
    These materials generally cannot handle lens replacement
  • Frames repaired with Super Glue
    Frames repaired with super glue
  • Obscure lens shapes like hearts and diamonds

Browse by Eyeglass Lens Brand

Eyeglass Lens Brands:

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  • Shamir Progressive Lens Logo
Required Measurements & Prescription Information

What measurements and prescription information do I need?

There are three items necessary for successful eyeglass lens orders: Your Prescription, Pupillary Distance, & Vertical Height. At ReplaceALens, ordering eyeglass lenses online produces top-quality lenses equal to or better than what you'll find in most physical optical shops. How? We guide our customers through the process with streamlined product selection, relevant questioning, and simple instructions, leaving little room for error.

1. A Valid Prescription

We recommend a current, not expired, prescription from an eye doctor. We can also duplicate the prescription off any pair of complete glasses at your risk.

2. Your Pupillary Distance

You cannot measure your PD yourself. The PD (pupillary distance), tells us where to place the optical center of the lens horizontally. There are a few options to provide your PD: 1. We can read the PD off any pair of prescription lenses that worked for you. 2. You can call any lens producer that has made lenses for you before and they may have it on file. 3. You can have your PD professionally measured. 4. For NON-Progressive lenses, you can have someone take a picture of you from 5 feet away, with a level head, while wearing the glasses you are sending in. You can email this to [email protected] with your name and contact information in lieu of a PD measurement.

3. Your Vertical Pupil Height

The pupil (or segment) height, which tells us where to place the optical center of the lens vertically. This is especially important for multi-focal lenses. We can copy this off of your current lenses, you can measure it yourself by having someone 'dot your pupils,' or you can have someone take a picture of you wearing the glasses from 5 feet away with a level head. To dot your pupils, put your glasses on where they normally sit, look into the distance with a level head, and have a family member or friend place a dot on the lens at the location of the center of your pupils. See below for a diagram on how to dot your pupils:

Dot your pupils on your eyeglass lenses