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Are you a Frame Manufacturer looking for a source for Eyeglass Lenses?

ReplaceALens is uniquely able to fit custom eyeglass lenses to virtually any frame. For frame manufacturers, RAL is a perfect partnership as we can develop tailored solutions to meet the needs of frame manufacturers and their customers. From referral to fully-integrated options, RAL is able to ensure that each and every lens purchase fit to your frames is handled with care. Using our Lens-Selector widget, we are able to provide a user-friendly solution to make eyeglass lens ordering seem easy!

Why Choose ReplaceALens?

1. Experts in Eyeglass Lenses since 1994, Online since 2006
2. ABO Certified Opticians
3. Engineering-level product testing and vetting for the best options and value on the market
4. Custom Tailored Solutions for your business
5. Unmatched reputation with 5 stars on Yelp, Google, Angie's List and more

Relationship Options

1. Referrals to ReplaceALens
2. Fully Integrated ReplaceALens Branded Ordering
3. Fully Integrated Manufacturer Branded Ordering
4. Customer Service MFR or RAL hosted

Product Options

1. For fully integrated options, manufacturers can select the lenses they want to offer, from simple, bundled options, to every lens on the market
2. ReplaceALens would have a wholesale, negotiated rate for the products selected and for customer service/integration
3. Full analysis and recommendations by the RAL team custom tailored to your frame line

Test our Lens Selector Widget!