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Traditional vs. Digital Progressives

Progressive eyeglass lenses, also known as 'no-line bifocals' or 'no-line trifocals' are multifocal lenses that allow for comfortable viewing at distance, reading, and everything in-between. The top of the lens is for distance viewing, and the power increases down the lens for viewing intermediate (computer) and reading.
Progressive lens zones


Recently, the Digital (High-Definition), also known as 'free-form,' progressive lens technology has taken progressive lenses to a new level. While traditional progressives are produced using 'pre-molded' designs, where the same design is used for every application, the new, Digital (HD) progressives are fully customized! In essence, your specific applications (Rx, frame type, lens material, use, etc) are taken into account to produce a lens with wider fields of view and smoother vision. Does that mean the traditional lenses are low-quality? No, but for those who want the widest fields of view with a budget to suit, the new Digital (HD) technology is an improvement. Take a look at our field of view comparison below!

Digital progressive eyeglass lens


There are over 50 major Progressive Lens Manufacturers, and each has many progressive lens designs. The offerings can be cumbersome, and while there are many progressives that work very well, there are others that do not. At ReplaceALens, we have narrowed the progressive lens selection to designs that excel in terms of function, durability, and affordability. Through 20 years of customer, laboratory, optician, and optometrist feedback and endless testing, ReplaceALens' progressive lens offerings are sure to exceed your expectations. Finding a design that is suitable for you is the most important aspect in selecting a progressive, and our ABO Certified Opticians are here to help whenever you need assistance.

What lens brands do you use?
  At ReplaceALens, all of our lenses are sourced from name-brand manufacturers.

When browsing our site, you may see that many lenses do not have a brand listed. When an unbranded lens is selected, our ABO Certified Opticians select the most suitable lens from our top-quality manufacturers. If you have a brand preference, we also offer browsing for Progressive Lenses by Brand. Below is a list of all our lens manufacturers. Click on their logos to navigate to their websites.

Seiko Eyeglass Lenses Essilor Eyeglass Lens Logo Hoya Eyeglass Lenses Varilux Eyeglass Lenses Shamir Eyeglass Lens Zeiss Eyeglass Lenses Younger Eyeglass Lens

What lens type and material do I need?
  Our ReplaceALens Lens Selector makes selecting the perfect eyeglass lenses quick and easy. Click below to start:

Lens Selector - Click Here

Selecting your lens type

Your lens type selection depends on what you're going to be using the glasses for. If you are simply using the lenses to see one focal length, then you will choose single vision. If you need to see more than one focal length (i.e. near and far), then a multi-focal lens must be used. Choose between the various types of multi focal lenses, depending on what the lenses will be used for. Your prescription may also recommend a lens type.

Selecting your lens material
The stronger your prescription, the thicker and heavier your lenses will be. While browsing, look for lens material recommendations.
Click here for information on selecting the best lens material.

What's the difference between no-line bifocals, no-line trifocals, & progressives?
  'No-line bifocals,' 'no-line trifocals,' & 'progressives' are all the same type of lens, referred to within the industry as 'Progressive Lenses.' So why so many names for the same thing? Many retailers have used the 'no-line' term to help explain how the progressive lenses function, as well as to create distinct branding in order to gain a competitive advantage. Regardless of which name you order them under, they are all Progressive Lenses!

What's the difference between polarized & tinted lenses?
  While tinted & polarized lenses both reduce the amount of light entering the lens, polarized lenses restrict light entering the lens from specific directions. This prevents irritating reflections and glare, ultimately providing the clearest sunglass vision available. Couple with a Sunglass Anti-Glare Coating for the ultimate sunglass lens.

Polarized prescription eyeglass lenses

How do I find a specific lens?
  To find the lenses you're looking for, you may use click for the easy-to-use 'LENS SELECTOR' or our categorized 'Eyeglass Lenses' page. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.