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At ReplaceALens, we use only the name-brand 'Transitions' lenses, expertly fit to your frames. Transitions lenses turn from clear or lightly tinted indoors to dark outside. We offer both the Transitions Gen S and the XTRActives. While Transitions Gen S lenses are clear indoors and darken to a 75% darkness outside, XTRActives have a 10% tint indoors and darken to an 85% darkness outside. Color availability varies depending on the product selected, with Grey (always available), Brown (available in most confirgurations), & Graphite Green (limited availability). Transitions Website. Select color after product selection. *Transitions DO NOT darken in the CAR
Transitions Photochromic Eyeglass Lenses


Starting at
$69/pair Non-Rx, $99/pair Rx